The Bulldogs Ri30H Stream and Video Uploads

The Bulldogs Ri30H from Kettering University is streaming through 9pm eastern Sunday at

Ask questions in chat anytime!

In addition to the livestream we will have videos created to reference back to at

Saturday: Schedule:

Day 1 | Brainstorming | Field and game element testing | prototyping | Drivetrain Assembly | Freight Frenzy Game Deep Dive 7:30pm eastern | Day 1 Recap and AMA 8:00pm eastern | Stream ends when last person leaves

Day 2 | component and robot assembly | program and vision testing | Lunch Check-in 1pm eastern | Wisconsin Ri30H Check-in 2pm eastern | AndyMark New product ama 7:30pm eastern | Robot reveal and matches 8:15pm eastern

Supplier Unboxings from AndyMark, REV Robotics and goBILDA with some new components

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Freight Frenzy Field and Game Element Overview:

How The Bulldogs are delegating roles and processes using the sprint method:

Freight Frenzy Strategy and Priorities
Freight Frenzy Rules Overview Sections 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8

The Bulldogs Ri30H Day 1 Recap. Check out some of the awesome components built!

Weighing Differences in Freight Frenzy Game Pieces

We did some interesting testing with the shipping hubs . Balancing is both easier and more difficult than we expected.

The Bulldogs Ri30H team came up with a couple different intakes. Check them out at

There are several options for lifting mechanisms. Check out the two that The Bulldogs Ri30H team considered

The Bulldogs created two similar carousel mechanisms but using different wheels. Check them out at

Considering the new AndyMark TileRiser or the goBILDA Strafer Chassis Kit for Freight Frenzy? Both were provided for us to test and we break them down at

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