The Bulldogs Ri3D Megathread

This Saturday-Monday join The Bulldogs for Ri3D (Robot in 3 Days) on FUN from Kettering University! The Bulldogs will be building two robots and there will be a live stream along with short content videos. One robot is a 2020 robot revised for the 2021 game and a second robot will be built from scratch.

Tons of testing, strategy, application and demonstration videos AND on Monday evening there will be live matches of the 2021 game! Watch live: Archives and video segments and also posted here.


Excited to be a part of this (Safely of course) with Tyler and the Kettering folks. :robot:

Since RI3D always produces extensive documentation, is there any chance you could include some additional documentation about how this was done in a high risk COVID environment (college campus) safely? I think it would help a lot of teams think outside the box a little about safety.


As the media producer we can most likely document what was done. But we would not be able to give an official statement from Kettering University on their practices or procedures.


Hype video posted!

Tune in for Robot in 3 Days with The Bulldogs from Saturday-Monday! Expect modifications of their current robot and a new robot from scratch built to tackle the new challenge plus live matches and reveals on Monday!

Tune in live and watch our YouTube videos for Prototyping, strategy, design, new field interactions and giveaways!

YouTube videos:

In what format are the live matches on Monday? Are they open to the public to watch in person?

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This will not be open to the public as we are following Kettering regulations.

As to format. Not 100% sure yet. Kinda depends where we get but there’s potential we may play with multiple robots as Kettering has other robots to possibly use.

Stream is live:

Schedule for today:

2pm-7pm eastern: Initial strategies and modifications for new and existing robot. Figuring out how to tackle at home and in-person events.

7pm eastern: Unboxing the Secrets of Game Design with Jamee Luce - Also discussing 2020 vs 2021, Jamee’s tenure as the FRC Advocate and Take from FUN trivia with $50 gift certificate to a supplier of your choice, a falcon 500 from FRC 4130 and Kettering T-shirt!

8pm eastern: Ri3D Day 1 Recap. This is more of a formalized show with Q&A, discussions ect. Giveaway of a Kettering Hoodie and T-shirt.

9pm eastern to ?: Continue working.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time in twitch chat.

Videos will be uploaded to

Instead of in-person matches, which we’ve already seen and may not even happen in 2021, I’d hope some Ri3D teams focus on the At Home Challenges. If I was on a team this year, I’d be far more interested in seeing multiple robots go through the At Home Challenges than more in person matches.


We plan on doing both.

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2021 Revised Game Rules Breakdown - The Bulldogs Ri3D -

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Starting Day 1 of Ri3D Recap. See what’s going on with the 2020 modified robot and the 2021 new bot! Plus Kettering Hoodie Giveaway!

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Day 1 Recap with Q&A:

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I got up this morning and went back and watched the end of your live stream. I really like the intake. I would really like to see how you did the bearings in the end of the PVC. Keep up the good work

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Video of the climber specifically will be dropping later today on

Rise and shine for Day 2 live now at Twitch

New video: 2021 Design and CAD Review

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2021 Robot Shooter Concept

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2021 Robot Climber Concept

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Shooter and Intake Update

Day 1 Review and Chassis Speedrun World Record

Day 2 Objectives and Plan

Programming and Autonomous Overview

I think he may have been asking about the PVC used on the intake rollers. I was working on soldering and wiring most of the time yesterday, so I am not sure what they did. You could probably 3D print inserts to hold the bearings, or use a hole saw to cut out a hole for the bearing in PVC end caps.