The Charged Up Cooper Quick Reference Sheet

At this point, I guess people expect me to make one of these:

→ As of Team Update 16: ChargedUpQuickReference.pdf (62.5 KB)

Some caveats and notes:

  • This tries really hard to fit on one sheet of paper, focusing on things a referee might want to reference (penalties and manually-scored items).
  • Because it crams everything onto one sheet, it uses a pretty small font that some might find hard to read, along with a bunch of abbreviations that are defined in a separate table.
  • Obviously read the actual manual for any details; this is just intended to help remind you of things you’ve already read in the manual.
  • I make this primarily as a tool for myself to be able to study the rules, and occasionally to reference at an event. I highly recommend people make their own study tools rather than just copy mine, to arrange things in the same way your mind does instead of the way that my mind does. (Though apparently there are enough people who think similarly to me that there are people asking me for my sheet every year.)
  • I make this in LibreOffice Writer; if you want the source document to use this as a starting point for your own changes you’re more than welcome to download it:
    ChargedUpQuickReference.odt (252.7 KB)

Please give me feedback, especially if I missed something or there’s something that could be improved. Thanks!


Just updated for Team Update 06.

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Updated for Team Update 11.

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