The Cheesy Poofs

I came across this gem while looking through YouTube:

9/10 would watch again.

Teh Chezy Pofs*

See this thread:

I hit Ctrl + R and saw the title of this thread, and my heart started pumping immediately. Alas, not yet.

So last year.

Ah yes, the video that shows that advanced manufacturing resources aren’t needed to build a world class robot.

My bad. Fixed.

Didn’t mean to bait. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you aren’t going to, I guess I’ll do it instead.


Didn’t even have to click the link. Already knew what it was. You Monster.

10/10 would click again.

only click if ur a tru pro

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Man, when are we ever gonna give that up?

When are we going ever let that die down?

Very interesting approach to this year’s game. I’m assuming you used splines to program the “roll” maneuver?

I see what you did there.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize the URL. Clicked it anyway, though.

It will be soon…

Oh… oh my. I am scared of what they’re going to be doing to the step.

The Poofs will have a robot that plays defense. Legally.

They become the step and push all the totes and containers from the step and landfill into the scoring platforms creating multiple 6 stacks with containers and there other robot goes and grabs litter for those 4 containers.