The Chimeras Team 1684 - Robot Reveal 2020 "Erebus"

Presenting our 2020 robot “Erebus” for Infinite Recharge.

Competing in the FiM District at:
Kettering 2
Alpena 2



Robot looks amazing, all of that in a small package + LEDs. And Bruno Mars was a surprisingly catchy choice for music. Good luck this season!

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That swerve looks amazing! Did you guys design them?

They are the MK2 modules, we just assembled and added powder coat.


Awesome robot this year, can’t wait to see it at MSC!

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beautiful robot! Love the duel intakes and condensed look. Any chance for an autocad or in-depth look at the power cell indexer you guys have in the middle of the robot? I am intrigued!

Love it! This was our initial idea for a robot this year, minus a swerve, but pivoted to a different design that would be easier for us to actually make successfully.

GL this year, hope to see it in person and get some good pics!

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Nicest looking robot I’ve seen this year so far. Great work!

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We don’t usually release CAD until after the season is over, but we can possibly get more pictures up for you and answer and questions you may have!

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I have a question regarding your spindexer–is there nothing at all containing the balls with relation to each other? Is the only way you ‘settle’ them rotating it back and forth, and is this automatic or driver controlled?

We have a spindexer that requires an agitator to avoid jams, and we have ‘pockets’ that the balls settle into. Been wondering if we should try to get rid of everything in there and let it rip at some point and see what happens…

There’s currently no pockets for the balls to settle into. While testing we found that having no pockets seems to feed just like if we were to have them. The agitation is driver controlled, but we have minor plans to make it automatic with driver override if the need or want comes up. We are able to shoot with the balls stacked on top of each-other in case if for whatever reason the balls don’t rest. Good luck this season and thank you for the question!


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