The CNCs

This was our day on thursday :D:

Thanks SAIT! It recently occurred to me that making brackets for rex-roth (which is what we are doing in the video) is a massive under-use of those facilities. If your team had access to their shops what would you do?

  • Alex

Grrr! Your team number is twice ours yet we have never done anything close to that.

You are very lucky to have such tech at your disposal!

I am SOOOO jealous!!! My team has a CNC but nothing close to that.

Pocket everything. Run the FEA, figure out what parts are important, get rid of everything else (within reasonable boundaries, of course.) Basically, it would be our minibot frame last year, for every single part of our frame. As it is, we don’t have any CNC capabilities in our lab. We do have access to a wood and plastic router and a 60 watt laser, but that’s really it.

Very sweet setup. Did the students do the CAM work themselves? Very impressive. I like the angle brackets, should be very strong and good at resisting torque. I’d be a bit concerned about it bending, though. There’s a reason the standard gussets have an angle to them.

Our CNC is a little older:

I wish we had CNCs like that. Then again, I just obliterated a tool today and crashed a holder right into my part, so maybe I need more training instead of a bigger machine (for the record, that was the first time I’ve crashed a holder).

Oh Boo Hoo!



really happy that you have these machines at your disposal! I know you worked really hard this year on forming a strong rookie team.

Keep up the good work and best of luck!

I think we have one of those machines :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool, though especially for a rookie team.