The CODEX: Info and poll

Posted by Mark T. Tomczak at 02/26/2001 9:13 PM EST

Student on team #422, GSGIS Mech Techs, from The Governor’s School for Gov’t & Int’l Studies and Verizon/AMF Bakery Systems/VBEP.

Greetings roboteers!

Team 422, the GSGIS Mech Techs, have started a
project called the CODEX (CODE-EXchange). It is
a site dedicated to programming the FIRST robots,
complete with basic and advanced techniques and
a library of robot code from past competitions. We
are adding a section on the top 5 programming
mistakes and would like your help determining
them. If you can think of any mistakes that beginner
programmers make (or veteran programmers
make frequently |:), e-mail them to
[email protected], or post them here!

Additionally, if your team would like its code
included in the CODEX, e-mail it to
[email protected] with your team
number, team name, team nickname, home
city/state, robot name, and year of competition for
that robot. We will post your code–properly cited–in
the CODEX’s archives. Thanks for your help!

Take care,
Mark “Code Master / Fashion Disaster” Tomczak