The CODEX is up

Posted by Mark T. Tomczak at 04/10/2001 1:47 PM EST

Student on team #422, GSGIS Mech Techs, from The Governor’s School for Gov’t & Int’l Studies and Verizon/AMF Bakery Systems/VBEP.

Hey all!

For those who didn’t come to the programming
summit on Friday at Nationals or receive a
business card from me (I had about 1200 to pass
out, so I did my best), the CODEX is online.

The CODEX is a knowledge base for progammers
to exchange techinques, tricks, and information
regarding to FIRST competition programming.
Hopefully, it will both level the playing field for
rookie teams and allow veteran teams to build on
each other’s techniques. It’s a little rough around
the edges right now, but it’s getting better.

If you’d like to help with the CODEX, e-mail team
422 at [email protected]. You can also
check out the CODEX itself by following the link

Take care,

Communications Officer, Team 422, the GSGIS
Mech Techs

Richmond, VA