the commercialization of robotics

since everyone here is pretty deep in robotics I’m curious as to which companies are going to start making commercially viable robots. i know so far we’ve seen Roomba and Scuba talked allot about but how about the next robot giants. I’m rooting for a company called White Box Robotics to hit the market with the first cheap and fully customizable robot. and as our heavy hitter i actually see Toyota surpassing their competitor Honda in commercial robotics (while Honda is well known for ASIMO i have failed to see any evidence of robots that are affordable to the general public which seems to be Toyota’s new game plan). what about you? do you see any distant stars coming our way to make their day-view? (by the way im adding this on has anyone seen i want to get a laser cutting bot :smiley: )

Redzone robotics makes robots for cleaning up. From cleaning septci tanks to cleaning up nuclear waste.

thats really cool i think our sewers could use one of those.