The Compass Alliance - 2018 Updates


Hello FRC Community,

Less than a year ago, we launched The Compass Alliance is a consortium of teams from around the globe working to create a sustainable FIRST ecosystem. We’ve been working hard this year to make TCA even better for teams of all levels, rookies and veterans alike. Today, we are excited to announce the following new and improved aspects of The Compass Alliance!

New TCA Pathways

The Compass Alliance Pathways cover key FRC topics from A-Z. Come in at any starting point and take your skills to the next level! We’ve added pathways in Design, Programming, Electrical, CAD, among others. Check them all out at

Help Hubs Map

Our updated Help Hubs page includes an interactive map of current Help Hub teams, making it easier to find a Hub near you!

Become an Alliance Partner

Looking to help others find their way? Be sure to check out how your team can become an Alliance Partner!

New Website Design

Clearer home page and navigation tools help you find what you are looking for with fewer clicks!

We can’t wait to see how you use The Compass Alliance to #FindYourWayFIRST! We have some more exciting projects in the works that we can’t wait to share later this year!

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Go Teams!



Always excited to see more content be released to the community. Keep up the good work!


A lot of the links for submitting resources seem to be not functioning.


I like the new website design! The navigation feels a little better.

I will echo Sean I stumbled upon one or two dead links yesterday.


Looks really good! The spanish feature is a nice addition, but it does have some formatting and translation errors (most egregiously the “Hear for you”). I’m hoping to be able to use this.


I haven’t looked through the whole website, but what I’ve seen looks very helpful and relatively intuitive to use. Great job!

I’d be interested in helping translate stuff to Hebrew if that’s somewhere you’re going with this. I imagine I could also help find other Israeli alumni willing to help. (I know BumbleB is a founding member and The Y Team is already an alliance partner)


We’re working to update some of these forms to embedded google forms. Thanks for the heads up and apologies for the glitch. In the mean time, if you have resources to submit, please do so through our contact us form at the bottom of this page:

Thank you both for your interest in our various TCA Translations. We are always looking to expand the breadth, depth and accuracy of our TCA Translations. If your team is interested in helping out with translations, please fill out the form at this link and let us know in the comment field (last page of the form):

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!


Is there an easy way to submit resources without filling out a form? I just want to point at a resource, not fill out an application.

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