The Competition

ANy idea when they will be airing “the competition” that A and E filmed at the Richmond regional-

I am dying (and so is the rest of the team) to see my baldness braocast for all to see

team 497 Orange Crush

This was on Team 343’s website:

*News of the A & E Special Featuring Metal-In-Motion: The Competition *

Gil has emailed the following: According to a source from Team 547 in Fayetteville, Tennessee, our A&E Special will be broadcast on Thursday, July 26th at 10:00. I presume that is AM. I will have to double check with Amanda to make certain of the time. She also relays that a lot of the game(s) had to be omitted in order for the program not to be too complicated to understand. Here is her text: “The air date for the A&E special is July 26 at 10:00. I am so excited. Jon, the producer, said that some of the game had to be cut. He said that those of us who play the game will notice it, but people who have never seen this kind of thing will now understand it. He said that it was way too complicated for the average person to understand. I told him that I had actually played the game, and it was still too complicated for me.” So, as far as I know, that is the latest on the broadcast. I frequently check the A&E page and have found no mention of any future shows beyond one week. When I receive further information, I will let you know."

Team 343’s Website

Looking at A and E’s website now, The Competition is airing every Saturday in July, but none of those shows are on robots, or FIRST. Count me in for The National Clogging Competition though! Between that and Mule Day, sounds like a great series. :wink: Seriously though, I was flipping through the channels and saw the one on the National Firefighter Competition and they did a great job producing it. The one on FIRST should be great.


About a week ago A&E sent out an email to some people (I’m not exactly sure who) requesting 3D animations of the playing field, a robot picking up a ball, a robot balancing, etc. We were one of the teams who got this email and I’m fairly sure we sent something in. If they do choose to use an animation, the team who made the animation gets to be in the credits at the end of the show :slight_smile:

Jay, any idea of when they are going to show the show?

No the message was actually passed on to me by one of my team leaders and he didn’t say. All I know is that these animations had to been in by sometime this week at the latest.