The cost minimization problem [Need advice - cracked classmate PC]

We managed to crack the screen of our Classmate PC today. With a minimum amount of sponsor money and less than two weeks of time left, is there anything fast we could do to get back to work on the code. Note that all our code is in the classmate everything else is functioning properly except the screen ]

Initial Idea:

1. to add a external monitor [duct taped!] to old one with VGA cable. 


 Is something like this allowed during the competition?

2. To use one of our school laptop.


 Is this allowed? What are the restriction [/where can I find it]

 What are all the things we need to have installed to get it working?  Using Java with netbeans ]

You most definitely can use a different laptop, or use a different screen, But I suggest using a different laptop because it will just be easier to transport.

If you use a different laptop just make sure it is running the supported software.

You could use a monitor until you get a new laptop or repair the screen. I recommend getting a new laptop since the classmates aren’t exactly good. The alliance station at competitions does have a power supply(don’t quote me on this, I don’t remember if this is true) so you could bring a monitor up with your classmate every time you have a match though it would be pretty annoying.

You can use any laptop you want to control the laptop, there is no restriction that I know of on that. The software you need to have installed is the netbeans IDE and the Java updates I think(again, don’t quote me on this). Anyways, good luck with the rest of build season!

Thanks everyone for fast replies. Since there are no restrictions, we are going to use a school laptop.

Be sure to test early with the school laptop, and make sure you have administrator access. Some school computers have firewalls or other restrictive software that make the driver station not work.

Echoing this…and often when it works, the additional software on school computers for filtering and identification slow down normal processes to an excruciating rate. A school laptop we have takes forever to start up, and longer to start the driver station software.