The County Champs

The OCCRA champs for 2003 are Teams #469 (International Academy) and #27 (Team Rush of OSTCNW)! It was a hard-fought victory as they had to go to 3 matches to put away Teams #47 (Pontiac Central Chiefs) and #33 (Notre Dame Prep Killer Bees). Complete rankings and awards should be posted soon.
The top award (the Foundation Award) went to the team that best exemplifies what OCCRA is all about. It’s not just the robot, but the way they mentor, recruit, function as a team, promote their team and the league…etc. This year’s recipient is Team #65: the Huskie Brigade! Congrats to all who participated.

The Huskies are a beautiful example of a team with heart, spirit and know- how. Congrats Huskies! It’s always a pleasure playing with you!