The Creation of the FRC Faith

Praise be to the lord Ramen? Kamen? I don’t know what it will be yet.
Hence the reason for this thread.

I intend to lead the creation of an FRC Faith and, upon these hallowed threads of the Oracle of Delphi, forever change the lifestyle of a Robotics Member.

For now we must decide our setup:

Please Contribute.


Also, earlier today I made a FRC Kik chatroom, check it out at #omgrobots

Would definitely make it easier to set up a 501©(3).

Lol Lord Ramen.

It should be monotheistic with Lord Ramen at the helm. The GDC should be just below him.

I completely agree with you, I have a pdf saved away for when things really get rolling.

Any input, fellow brethren?

Ah fabulous, um, who are the GDC?

GDC - Game Design Committee

I feel the game Design Comiitee is best left under the role of the Apostles

Do you concur?

Guys, given how many comaonies doesn’t give grants to religious organizations, it’s be quite rough if FRC became a religion!

It’d be for the Students though!

Praise be to the lord ramen.