The Curious Story of Norman the Noodle

What the… Huh?

An epic saga of perseverance and heroic self-sacrifice!

This is amazing.

Amazing! This story is so riveting, and just completely brought me to tears by the end of it. I can’t believe Norman went through such a journey…what a brave soul!

On a side note, the video is 2:54 long.

Off season really is in full swing

Quality post. 10/10

Greatest thing I’ve seen all day. A touching story of a pool noodle being reunited to their team against all odds. Deserves an Oscar.

This wasn’t the only Norman to make the rounds in 2015. The OG Norman was born at the Southfield district week 1 and then traveled around the state gaining notoriety for his heavy use of puns on his Twitter.

Some say this Norman still lives, appearing in the background of a certain recap webshow focused on his home state…

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Always go home in less than two pieces
Words to live by, thanks for the great video, long live Norman!

I want to point out that the video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds long.

Is this a deliberate nod to The Poofs? Or it could be a more subtle nod towards Arctic Warriors? The world may never know.