The Cyborg Player

FRC games might want to add a technology component to the Human Player (or shall we call it the Cyborg Player).

IEEE did an interesting article about the Cybathalon idea and how the Paralympics are evolving with technology.

The GDC tried the idea with the Kinect and the Remotes but that was only used by a handful of teams.
What other ideas do teams have ?

One idea I had earlier this year was if we could integrate an oculus rift into the driver systems. What you could do is have it display a camera feed to one of the drivers and the camera or some peripheral would be mounted on a mount with and x and z rotational axis that would move with the drivers head. so that driver would be able to aim easier, you could create a HUD with cross hairs for aiming, or any number of things, and the other driver (probably the main drive base controller) would still have a full field of view over the field. I can’t imagine it being that hard to implement this, there are already open source oculus rift libraries available. At this point I think that’s about as close as we can get to “cyborgs”