The 'Dean's List'

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Coach on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central H.S. and Delphi Automotives Systems.

Posted on 8/21/99 11:05 AM MST

Please review this proposal that I presented at the forum and comment.
“The Dean’s List”

What is the Dean’s List?
 The Dean’s list is a list of FIRST teams that have excelled in their FIRST efforts for the current season. Many of the same qualifications that make a team a candidate for the Chairman’s Award are used in the selection for this prestigious list of FIRST Teams. The Chairman’s Award finalists and winner are selected from this list.

Why create the “Dean’s List”?
 Many teams demonstrate extraordinary high quality efforts toward the FIRST program but win no awards to take back and display at their school, community or corporation. Recognition of their efforts often times can provide that little extra push that keeps a team going. This award also gives the teams that do not make the list another target to aim for in the quest for the Chairman’s Award.

Who is eligible for the “Dean’s List”.
 All current registered FIRST teams. A team may earn a place on the list each year if chosen by the judges.

How is the “Dean’s List” chosen.
 The teams are nominated by the judges that interview and collect information at all the competitions. The final list is determined by the judges of the Chairman’s Award with input from other designated FIRST employees and of course Dean himself.

When is the list published?
 The list is published Saturday morning at the National Competition. Teams will be listed in alphabetical order with all holding equal status on this list.

What will a team get if they are on the “Dean’s List”?
 Each team listed will be sent via the mail, 2 certificates (unframed) which they can proudly frame and display at the School and Corporation.

How many teams can be chosen for the “Dean’s List”?
 There should be no set number of teams making this list, the group should represent the best teams as determined by the judges. This list should represent no more than the top one third of the total number of teams registered.

Well what do you think?

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Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Posted on 8/21/99 4:47 PM MST

In Reply to: The ‘Dean’s List’ posted by Michael Martus on 8/21/99 11:05 AM MST:

I really like this idea of the ‘Dean’s List’ 'cause it gives teams something to shoot for that isn’t quite so hard as the Chairman’s Award to receive… Kind of gives the teams an ego boost when they get an award to show off to everyone… Good ideas Mike, keep them coming…

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