The decision of indecision on FIRST's part.

Haha. This made me smile.

ID: 976
Section: 4.3.3

Q: Regarding <G13>: May a red robot retrieve a blue tetra from the “automated” blue loading dock if it does not interfere with a blue robot in any way?
A: THIS ANSWER HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM "YES’ BACK TO “NO” ON 1/18/2005. See new rule G28 in Team Update #03. THIS ANSWER HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM “NO” TO “YES” ON 1/16/2005. Yes. No.

boy, they were struggling over this for a while. In the end, I think NO was the best choice. It just doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the game to steal opponents tetras.

Talk about unintentional humor… :wink:

That said, the ruling seems to make sense. Now, at least. Stealing tetras doesn’t mesh well with GP, after all.

I hope that none of this stuff will happen after ship date :ahh: .
That would be a bummer for some unlucky teams, especially after working so hard on an autonomous mode that would fit that strategy :smiley: .

Wrong, and you needent make remarks like this in unrelated threads. Don’t lie to yourself thinking that just one person in the history of humanity has ever changed their mind. If you want to talk about this, start a thread in Chit-Chat. Get back to your robot, surfing CD, or talk about why this is or isn’t a stupid rule.


After considering the situation, I came to the conclusion that not only is it not graciously professional to “steal” other tetras, but you cannot determine if you are in the way or not. A robot may go for that and you don’t notice while you’re in the loading zone, but they have to change their strategy knowing you are there. Let me give another example: if another robot was in your endzone at the end of the round, they are technically in the way whether you are heading for it or not. There are simply more beneficial things you could be doing.

Also, getting opponent tetras onto the field is a tad bad for your strategy. Means their robot that can pick them up can just get to the tetras a bit easier.

It was a joke. I would heartily roll my eyes at anyone who would seriously say anything that stupid, or at anyone who jumped on the “LOL FLIPFLOP LOL” bandwagon last year.

Now, about this rule. I don’t think there’s any reason a robot on one team should not be allowed to steal another team’s tetras. The supply is pretty much limitless, and with all the loading stations I think the only problem that will result from this is a field strewn with tetras.

OK i have ignored many of your other posts that have been insults directed at other people or things but this one has a personal tone to it now. Mr. Abele has put more into this organization then i think many people can say they have. Your remarks at him are unneeded and uncalled for. Before you start throwing out names like this maybe you should check and make sure you know who you are talking about. He is not the one who works on the Q&A forum and its comments like this that make me look back and see what i have given selflessly to/for FIRST and think if it is really worth it. I hope what you said really wasn’t meant and that you may think more before you post again.

Taking an opponents tetra seems bad from the strategy standpoint because

  1. There are two automated stations, you aren’t going to slow them down but so much.
  2. What are you going to do with their tetra once you get it? Put it on a goal for them? And if you drop it outside the field it will just be added back to their stack.
  3. I think that it is a total waste of time. You could have picked up one (or more) of your own tetras, scored it, and received three points ( or maybe even 10 more for making a row).

Oh for pete’s sake, I only did that because he was the only guy named “John” at FIRST I could think of. Look two posts up for where I addressed the rest of the joke.

Agreed. People go pretty nuts with “Gracious Professionalism”. Gracious Professionalism has absolutely nothing to do with playing by using a un-traditional strategy. You aren’t destroying anybody’s hardwork or hurting anyone. If It’s within the rules of the game, how is one strategy “GP” and another not?

Again, everyone chill out or this thread is going to get closed. Stay on topic

I am sorry if I am being rude, but like others I have felt insults of FIRST and the community itself in your posts. Maybe you are trying to make the jokes, but looks like none of us get it. So how about you just be serious from now on when you post in this forum?

…and as far as the decision made by FIRST goes, FIRST has a lot of volunteer help to get this going, a lot of things they are going through to give us a chance to compete and to express ourself. Rules can be changed, after FIRST revises what we have to say about the topic. But its their call, they make the game, we play it. FIRST has always went back and reviewed the rules that we had problem with and always came up with a very decent solution.


Roland- im a laid back person and dont really care what people say to me or to any1 and so on and w/e but dude, your joke might be funny to you, but to other people that our on this forum etc, its not funny. I kno “it was a joke” but its not a joke, its a useless comment that is not needed in these kinds of threads and on CD period. This might not change you from all of us posting on what we think about your “joke” but get a clue and how all of responded quickly to ur specific post. Im not starting trouble and everything but think before you post…please just please. Keep your views to yourself about any1 and everything etc. it just will make things worse if you post useless and bad stuff.


You guys couldn’t keep on topic so this thread is being closed.