THE DEEPEST OF SPACE RESOURCES (All the Deep Space Resources)

There are so many Deep Space resources made by teams and individuals and I’m trying to compile them all in one place. Here is what I have so far. Please reply to this thread with anything I am missing.

Game Tests

Scoring Calculators

Cheat Sheets, Printables, Strategy



Normal posts now can only be edited within the first 24 hours so thanks to @Brandon_Martus this is now a Wiki. That means that it will be editable indefinitely. If you have content, you can feel free to add it to the list or send it to me directly and I will add it.

If you want to edit it, please follow this format and place it at the end of whatever category it falls in.

  • {Person/team} {Resource title} ({optional: Resource Format}) (Thread)

For example:

And please be sure not to delete other content that is already listed.

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