The definitive Guide to FIRST Motors

For years this forum has seen a countless number of messages regarding motor information and specifications. I’ve made an attempt to put the answers to the most common questions in one place.

Basically I expanded upon Joe Johnson’s Motors White Paper and added information from forum postings and the competition manual.

For those of you that are experts in these areas please take a look at what has been started and help me to fill in the blanks or add new columns.

Please send me your input via email.

After I received a fair number of answers I’ll post the data in several file types and printer friendly formats.

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Having the information arranged in one table will probably make life a lot easier. I have two little, tiny, eensy-weensy suggestions, though. . .

First, could you possible arrange it so that it’ll print neatly on a single sheet of paper? At least, as far as it’s width is concerned.

Second, do you think you could include the price of the replacement parts as well?

Thanks again. . .

Yes, I will add a column for price.

As interesting as the Moors are, I think a guide to Motors would be a better title. Other than that, great work!

Thanks for the spread sheet with all the data… Now we don’t have to calculate power ourselves ;). Do you think you can convert it into a simple excel file, and make it downloadable in the white paper section? That way, people can just go in there and grab everything they want.

As for a guide to Motors, I still believe the white paper section have enough to teach you all you need to know about the competition motors. Pretty much the two motor presentations teach you how to calculate different numbers when you are choosing motors. And that’s all you need to know, what kind of job will require which motor, and how to set them up.

If you are asking for guides as to modification on the motors themselves, or how to mount them, there are a few good ones for the drill motor (for example, the mount and gear shifting, or the drill output shaft advice). But other than those, you will have to figure it out yourself, or start posting specific questions about them.

There is not much modification you can do to the motors gear boxes except for the drill transmission. Others like the globe or window or van door motors, you can modify their output shaft or the gear, and it’s a good idea not to temper with the rest of those motors…

So, ask your questions, and I am sure people will gladly answer them.