The Detroit Einstein Stream

Okay so I made a thread complaining about the Houston stream but holy cow the Detroit Einstein stream is making 2018 MMP look like network television. Every like 20 seconds there’s either a green flash or you get 5 seconds of pause, then the stream skips those 5 seconds with a bunch of green flashes. Seriously, why are the streams such low quality and why has FIRST not fixed this issue yet. The streams are a way that parents can watch their children’s team compete, new people can look at the stream and become interested in FIRST, and people can watch their favorite teams compete so a bad stream can really hurt FIRST as a whole.


Don’t worry, you didn’t miss many awkward closeup shots of a mic or a team’s RSL.

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And the darkness in Ford Field also seems to cause some static in the dark areas of the video.

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It’s been a bit stuttery at the venue too. Ah well…

Is the stream really quiet for anyone else? I had to turn my TV up to near max volume to hear Dean’s speech.

Yeah it was like this at Houston too.

just got back and turned it on, my speakers are maxed.

While typing this, my ears got blown the **** out.

Sounds like noise. Should be something AV can fix in the cameras, if not with actual lights

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and now they decided to have a SUPER LOUD beep. wtf

Oh dear

Okay at this point i’m just lost for words. What in the world is this audio lmao.

Let’s just agree to say that the feeds on Twitch and TBA were underwhelming.
Both feeds took a long time to load. Once they loaded they took a long time to actually play. Once they played they had troubles like flashing, stopping and dropping frames.

For next year it would be kind for someone to check into this in advance to see if these issues can be addressed. I can’t say it wasn’t my own connection, but watching the chat on the TBA feed I can’t think I was alone in my experiences.

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