The Devil?
I think this video is possessed by the devil, its pure evil.


there is the distinct possibility of that

What, you don’t appreciate artistic effects when you see them? :wink:

When Good Digital Goes Bad.

In almost every case, Digital is superior to Analog…except in cases like this, where the digital gets corrupted (possibly by an overactive compression algorithm). In such a case Analog would show ‘snow’; digital gets unuseable.

Digital or not, we live in an analog world.


Hmm maybe spirit possession would be a rational explanation for Steve Warren’s crazy hairdos…kinda like Rick Moranis in “Ghostbusters”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t let Tipper Gore get her hands on that video…:cool:

PS that music IS quite freaky.

I don’t think it is quite possesed by the devil. What reason would dave have to go near that video? :stuck_out_tongue: