The Diagnostic Light?

To all those that are having problems with their team light–I know of something you might want to check!!

The “Solid State Relay” mentioned in the wiring diagram COULD be the wrong one. The part number and marking may appear to be the same, BUT if one looks closely at the relay, they will notice that the relay may be ment for AC current applications. I just recently found this out when I compared our relay to a neighboring team’s relay, and found that it had different markings in the middle. (Thanks guys!) Anyway, just read over the relay carefully, and make sure it has DC on it somewhere. :ahh:

–Just something you might want to check if you are having diagnostic light problems. :yikes:


This was clearly pointed out in team update #9 which came out weeks ago…


–Man, I know!

I compared the correct and incorrect relays, SIDE TO SIDE, and the part numbers were the same.

They require a bright light and good eyes to tell the difference. There is only one letter different in the part number to change it from a low voltage DC load to a high voltage AC load.

So looking thru the manual I was not able to find an explination of what exactly the light should do or the reactions of the light.

I am sure I have missed it…

We wired it like the diagram and it comes on and off… what else should it do?

To late to check if it is the correct part now.

If any team has the wrong one supplied by FIRST I feel FIRST should have extras at every event because they realized they shipped the wrong part. This is not a teams fault.

Yes every team should have compared the numbers… in the heat of the building process I am sure it was low on the list. I would also suspect that many, many teams have shipped robots with that still to do.

I think it’s working, only IFI (like Clairol) will know for sure.