The DiscoSlide|2587 Discobots

Check out our new video!

The DiscoSlide:
Omni Wheel Holonomic Drivetrain
Three Stage Vertical Lift With 17inch Arm
Spinner Collector
Lamborghini V12

Our minibot deployer was not installed at the time of the filming.

Comment are welcome!
See ya at competition

holy speed racer that’s a quick bot

video looks… familiar haha

Robot looks great guys… enjoyed the video.

See y’all at San Antonio.

Love the 118 tribute / parody / whatever you call that.

“We used Dewalts to build it”

Great parody. I especially enjoyed how the song was a higher pitch. bot looks awesome and fast

Looks like another great robot! Good Luck!

Discobots will be playing well into Saturday afternoon…

Great stuff yet again guys.

Very nice! Can’t wait to see you at Alamo. :wink:

Great robot! Can’t wait to see it.


Impressive, most impressive…

I LOVED the 118 Parody.

Robot was equally impressive.

ROFL great video :slight_smile:

Smooth moves, 2587.

Having a Disco ball with build, are ya?

Love the video.

Have a terrific season,

P.S. For those who haven’t seen it, 2587’s pit set up is amazing. Lots to see and appreciate.

Thanks for the praise everyone!

lovin’ it.

Loved the pushing of the cardboard box with what appeared to be bubblewrap in it instead of a box of batteries.

Looks great, good luck!




See ya at the Alamo.

Andy B.

That looks awesome. Good luck this season! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for complements.

For anyone that is in Houston. If you want to see the DiscoSlide in person before the Alamo Regional, we will be at Reagan High School on Saturday & Sunday for the annual Houston FIRST build scrimmage.