Anyone watch the Democratic National Convention over the week? It just concluded, and I think it went well. Thoughts, opinions?

unfortunately, I haven’t seen too much of the convention, but I really liked what I saw. I saw most of John Edwards’s speech, and I thought it was excellent. I really wish I was old enough to vote.

Unfortunately, the news of the night was this:

My dad came into the room asking if I was watching what was happening. Apparently they got they’re signals crossed, and aired the directors feed at the end of the speech on accident.

Well at least its finally over, so now I can travel into Boston with out having my head explode from all the searches and delays.


It was good, but John Kerry made some slip ups, mostly the part where he says “hair polution” when he ment air polution.

It was good, but John Kerry made some slip ups, mostly the part where he says “hair polution” when he ment air polution.

Maybe it was a joke.:slight_smile: Anyway I really can’t see how is going to do anything differnt than what G.W Bush did on alternative fuels.

I watched the key speakers every night, as well as one of Kerry’s comrade’s on the first night. I have to say they all spoke very well, and Barack Obama has a very promising future.

You can now get Day 1-2 of the DNC speaches off of iTunes Music Store. They are free downloads, all you need to do is create an account. Look for speaches of days 3-4 soon.

I watched most of it and found it really interesting, especially when they brought a couple people from other parties in and commentators on democrat vs republican chance for election. I’ve never watched a DNC before, so it was definitly cool to see. I would have liked to attend in boston.

Bill Clinton is a fantastic public speaker.

That is all.

So is Edwards.

Didn’t see his speech, heard it was pretty darn good though.


Clinton by far did the best. He always was good, and always gets his point across and the crowd into it.
I also thought Kerry did a good job at getting his main points across, and showing what he wants to change.

Biggest problem with Kerry’s speach is the fact that he didn’t explain HOW, or go too deep into how. What would he change? Where will he pull out?

Biggest problem with Kerry’s speach is the fact that he didn’t explain HOW, or go too deep into how. What would he change? Where will he pull out?

Good point. I have been thinking that all along, but no one else has seemed to notice that he has hardly backed up what he said he is going to do.

Actually that’s where tons of criticism about him comes from…


How about Barak Obama’s speech?? To me it was absolutely astounding…he is an incredible speaker…one of the best I have ever seen. It nearly brought me to tears. I think he could, and should, run for president someday.

Well I LITERALLY just got back from Boston and I have to say that the convention was AMAZING. I went up with no credentials to get in but amazingly I scored passes (I heard they were going for like $700 on Ebay) through random connections for two nights…which happened to be the best two nights.

Monday I got to hear Bill and Hilary, amongst others and then of course on Thursday was the grand finale with Kerry and company. It’s hard to even describe how much energy and sense of unity there was in the Fleet Center. Bill was, as always, on the top of his game. I think he did a really good job of rallying the Democrats without completely taking the spotlight. As for Kerry, I’ve seen him speak a handful of times in person but this by far was the best speech I’ve ever heard him give. Before Thursday, I was skeptical because there was so much pressure for him to give the speech of his life, but he definitely met everyone’s lofty expectations.

Now to address some of the things that people have brought up. Not to sound like the Democratic Party Spokeswoman, but there was a reason why Kerry didn’t go into a lot of specifics. A convention is supposed to pump up the party loyalists so that they feel appreciated for all the hard work they’ve put in over the past months and years. It’s also supposed to give them the boost they need to make it into the final haul and go out and spread the good word. For the general public, the convention is supposed to give people a general overview of the candidate. His upbrining, his family, his personality, his path leading up to public office, and the ideas he has to offer. This may be old news to a lot of us who have followed this for a while but a lot of people still don’t know the basics.

Kerry’s speech was already a good 50 minutes. I would have been happy to sit there for another few hours but I think we all know the attention span of the general public. It’s a sad but true fact that he had to rush to finish his speech so primetime wouldn’t cut him off. It’s absolutely horrible that he would have to feel this way and all of the networks are catering to people who would rather watch some reality tv show than listen to a man give an indepth explanation of what he would do as the most powerful position in the world. That’s the world we live in though and so that’s what Kerry had to work with. His job was to inspire people to look up more about him and look his detailed specifics on his website, in the news, and at the debates. I think he did this and hopefully I’m right.

Here’s my perspective as a student living in Boston during that time…

My school, the Wentworth Intstitute of Technology, cancelled all night classes and many day classes that week. They also created some sort of plan for if we were ever attacked- it was very humorous to read. During the week, professors noted they had the best commute ever. Apparently, most Bostonians decided to take the week of from work.

On Friday night (before DNC week) I went to Faniell Hall. This is the same place where Chris Matthews broadcast hardball during the DNC. It was very exciting to see about 8 satellite trucks getting setup. MSNBC’s truck had a monster satellite dish on it too.

On Sunday, we knew somebody big was coming to town. Prior to the Red Sox game, many military helecopters were flying over the area. Not suprisingly because my school is about a mile from Fenway.

I watched the game from a bar very close to Fenway. Many more riot police than usual were around the stadium. On the walk back to my dorm my friends and I are fairly certain we saw Kerry’s motorcade. Approximately 5 bike cops, 4 police cars, and 10 vans were involved.

During the week we saw many more motorcades. Including one motorcade that looked like it was using firetrucks to move vehicles if it ever became necessary.

On Wednesday night I went to Faniell Hall again. My friends and I saw many secret service agents around. Not suprisingly because most of the DNC afterparties were held around Goverment Center and Faniell Hall. The big story here was I got to see hardball. It was quite exciting to see the production crew and the political consultants talking. Ron Reagan was a class act, during comercials he would speak to the crowd. Right before comercials, Joe Scarburough would rev up the crowd for a roaring exit to the comercial break. Attached to this post are a couple pictures I took that night with my camera phone.

Many of my friends went to the afterparties which were held every night. Every one that I heard of was open bar, paid for by the DNC. All in all- it seemed like a big festival for the Democrats, hardest part was figuring out which party to go to. Many Republicans were spotted in the bars as well, enjoying what the DNC had to offer.