The Dots Insulted Me (Just Kidding)

I was at another thread and started to look through users fame. I noticed that many had little descriptions. Some of them were quite flattering towards the person it described. This is what mine says.
“Molten is an unknown quantity at this point.”:yikes:
Go ahead and check it. Isn’t that weird? I think it is funny. It seems to me like it could either be a compliment or an insult.(I take it as a compliment.) It is interesting though. What do you think? Anyone else have an interesting one they want to share?
Disclaimer: I am not trying to imply that these dots mean anything. I want to state that I agree that they are “just dots”.

Ahh…the experiences of a Newbie!! :rolleyes:

Go into the stickies and the FAQs and read about reputation. And then search for threads about reputation. The dots are a fun, but sometime contentious part of CD.

Hopefully you’ve found by now that if you click the “user cp” at the top you get to see the comments that gave you your little green dots.

Yeah, I did happen to notice that. I have been on here for about a year now. Only, I don’t usual notice such tiny touches(such as roll over notes). I do explore the bars however. Maybe this is a n00b topic, however I thought it to be funny.
Anyway, thanks to the points I just recieved from GaryVoshol it now says “Molten is just really nice”. Here’s hoping for the next dot and the next description.

You should try to improve upon your posts from the comments people leave with red dots, if you ever get one of those.