The drive train that could

If you can endure the following rant on 5464’s Rhino tracks then I got a discussion question for you.

To all the people out there that didn’t believe that Rhino tracks could work in steamworks, look at 5464 at Minnesota North Star regional. Remember that it’s 10% robot design, 90% the robot’s functionality and the drivers strategic application of the robot in the match. We went from rank 35 at the end of the lake superior regional, to the Minnesota North Star regional where we were the rank 6 alliance captain. With the help of our amazing alliance (shout out to 2491 No Mythic and 2574 RoboHuskie), we were able to beat the number 2 alliance (3928, 2883, 2472) and the number 3 alliance (5801, 2169, 6749) to make it to the finals where we lost to the amazing number 1 alliance of 3130 The ERRORs, 1710 The Ravonics Revolution, and 3277 ProDigi. Due to wild cards both finalist alliances will be attending the St. Louis super regional where you can all come and check out for yourselves our robot Brick Wall-E.

Pardon the rant, but my question for you is what robot designs have you seen over the years that you have passed of as ridiculous, silly, outrageous, or stupid and turned out to be great or even amazing?

My contribution is team 900 and 1114’s robot in 7 hours:

Our 2017 robot:

2017 Minnesota North star regional:

Our team:

In 2015, during kickoff, lots of people on our team proposed half-serious ideas for autonomous can-grabbing that we immediately laughed off as unsafe, unfeasible, or likely illegal.

Pretty much every one of them ended up being used by at least one team.