The Driver Station

Can someone tell me what the robot code means in the driver station? It is not on and it will not enable if it is red.

I think you are talking about the status light on the Driver Station? You are correct, when the robot code light is red, the robot will not enable. That is because your cRio has no code loaded. Is the Communication light green?

So the dot next to robot code is red, and the communications button is green? If the dot next to communcations is green and the dot next to robot code is red, then it should say below “No Robot Code”. If you have code on your robot, it should go away and the dot should be green. Are you having trouble loading code? Communicating with the robot?

“Code” here means “program” or “software”. If the cRIO isn’t running a user program, the light won’t be green.

If something has happened to crash the user code on your cRIO, No Robot Code will be reported as well. It’s a common error when running WPILib 4.1 or 4.2. Make sure you have 4.3

Can someone please post a link to the User Manual for the Driver Station app ?

I’ve searched USFIRST and CD Forums and cannot find it.