The Dukes (#991) in the media

Team #991, The Dukes,were recently featured during halftime of a broadcast high school football game between Brophy Prep and Paradise Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. The game and feature were broadcast to COX Cable customers on COX Channel 9.
You can link to the file from our website at or directly link to the file HERE](
Thanks for letting us toot our own horn!

That was the most well done (non-FIRST compiled) footage that I have seen in a while. The story and the footage collaborated flawlessly.
The only thing that I would have liked to have heard is about the 6 week time limit. - That fact shocks a lot of people when we tell it.
But everything else was right on the money.

Kudo’s to Team 991, Cox 9, and Ron… Yay Ron!!!

Btw… Who won the football game? :slight_smile: