The Economics of STEAMworks

For AP Econ, we have to do an ‘ECONnect’ project, which basically means applying the topics we have learned in life to real life. Some of the other ECONnects were the economics of: computer building, Catan, coloring vs homework, and a couple other cool ones!

I did mine on STEAMworks :stuck_out_tongue:

Check it out here!

I am excited to drive our show robot around in class xD

Good job! Using economics principles is actually a very good way to evaluate FRC games. As you’ve noticed, each years’ game provides a fun and exciting way to solve “real world” challenges.

I am taking an economics class this semester, I did not hesitate to apply basic economic principles to the game. In short, I put together this production possibilities curve. It is imperfect as I put a cap on how much fuel can be scored by a team (in excess of 300) it only accounts for High goal and Gears (sorry low goal teams). I suppose I could have modelled a maximum high goal fuel by using the max processing rate of the boiler… water under the bridge.