The Effects of COVID-19 on FIRST Robotics

I wrote an article about the effects that COVID-19 has had on Infinite Recharge, here. All the data used in the figures is provided in the article, hopefully you find it interesting enough to explore the data for yourself!


Thank you for the data! Having more data is always helpful. I am curious though, does the region breakdown for teams who have attended an event include week 0? When looking up NH I noticed a rather large proportion of teams had attended vs those who hadn’t.

While having a week one in state helps, having the official week 0 in our state also helps and could explain the rather high attendance ratio.

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There were 75 teams in MN that did not attend an official event (week 1/2) per the official MSHSL rankings, but the data available on the site shows 64. TBA has one pre-season events listed from MN with data - 7RRC, 5 of those MN teams did not compete in week 1/2. Another 3 teams from MN won awards at suspended events without competing in week 1/2. I can’t really account for the difference.

Yes, all of the attendance data includes Week 0 events. Every team’s event attendance by state is listed here (also linked underneath the figure in the article if anyone is curious), and you can search for your state with Ctrl+F if you want to check which events individuals teams attended. Also all events listed on The Blue Alliance for this season are separated by week here; where you can find all of the week 0 events.

All data is directly from TheBlueAlliance API, so if there is a discrepancy in the Minnesota data I apologize. The data includes the Seven Rivers Week 0 event and any events listed on TheBlueAlliance that were not labeled suspended. I did not cross-reference all TBA state / province attendance data against the official rankings, but I found that in all cases where I did check official data that the API was accurate (sometimes more accurate than FIRST’s data, in regards to Indiana’s district rankings which showed three teams had not played when in fact they had). I’m not sure where the discrepancy is either, but in the meantime I will update the figures to correctly reflect the official rankings. Thank you for letting me know about this issue.

One percentage I was curious about was the percentage of teams that played all their 2020 season events.

I wonder which teams did a week 1 and 2 event. We signed up for a Week 1 and 2, but signed up for the only event cancelled during a week 2.

We only do one event a year, and that happened to be a week 2, so I guess you could say we played all of our events : )

207 competed at LA North week 1 and LA week 2

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None of the teams from Australia competed.

The link in the original post said 79 teams attended two events (not including week 0).
It’s not clear in the original write up if that included the teams that went back to back at Istanbul and Bosphorus.

Locally there was a chance to do Great Northern followed by one of the Duluth events. I think only 3298 took FUM up on it.

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The more I think about it, it seems that week-0 events shouldn’t be included in this sort of analysis at all. There were 8 week-0 events in Minnesota, but only 1 of them has data on TBA. That means that either teams that attended that event are being over-counted, or 150+ other teams are being under-counted. Without being able to get full, complete data, those few week-0 events should be excluded.


I agree that week 0 events shouldn’t be included as having participated in an event. The vast majority of them are more of a tune up or testing rather than a competitive event.

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The 2020 FMA Mount Olive District Event would like to have a word with you. Canceled one hour before load-in! :disappointed_relieved:


Orlando would like a word. As I recall hearing, they were in their drivers’ meeting when the event was called off.

San Diego was in a similar situation but a couple hours earlier.

Orlando and San Diego were week 3, not 2. There was one regional (Science Park Taichung Regional) and two districts ( SUSPENDED FMA District Mount Olive Event, SUSPENDED PNW District Auburn Mountainview Event - See Site Info Document cancelled in week 2, while the only event that was played in week 3 was Bosphorus Regional in Turkey… it was played in the first half of the week, and ended before the other events that week would have begun.

Sorry haha!
I read somewhere that it was only Taiwan. I guess they meant regionals only, not including the China situation which was announced early on.

Cool and very lucky.
I got to read the WFFA speech along with Andy Baker, which awarded that team’s mentor at LAN.

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6 PNW teams did weeks 1/2, 2 of which swept both events.

I doubt 4513 would ever do back to back weeks again, but i think it was worth it, considering how the rest of the season went…

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According to the data there were 100 teams that attended two events, and 21 of those teams attended Week 0 events, so there were 79 teams that attended Week 1 and Week 2 events. I wrote more about it in the last paragraph of the article.