The "Ehhhhhh" Epidemic

Just to clear it up, it wasn’t “heeeeey!” people were yelling, it was actually “eh” kinda like the Canadian saying. It was originally started by Team 419 bout a year or two ago but this year it really caught on, with big props to Team 88! So if ya hear gradual speeding claps followed with a big “Ehhhhh!!!” Look to TJ2…then finished with a big “aaaarrrrrggghhhh” (inside joke) lol.

Yeah, well, it might be “eeehhhh” to you guys.
Officially of our team, we were yelling “Heeeeeey!!!”

So it doesn’t really matter on what was said just that we had fun doing it. All in the spirits of FIRST.


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**It was originally started by Team 419 bout a year or two ago **

Few years before then…1998 was when it first caught on

it began in 1998 as an inside joke on team ELITE 48. and yes it is like the canadian sayng,
we used to say it anytime we saw one of our engineers around. we would say EEEEEYYYYYY and get a similar response. many people thought we were crazy but it finally caught on.

props to Delphi ELITE 48!!!

I think you’re all wrong. Everybody wants to take credit for the "EEEEyyy"ing or "AAAAaaa"ing. Lots of teams do it and its all fun. who cares who started it. its fun and lets continue to do so and get others into the FIRST spirit.

it is quite a mystery and i believe it will remain a mystery, but it is fun. On Friday night, my team(365) and the lunatecs(316) had a little party, and a group of us sat in a living room “eehhhhing” to everybody who entered. We continued to “ehhh” through sunday. It was though a great way to identify teams that may have been in the Disney parks on Sunday. I think it should continue as it is quite fun.

We thought we may had caused it. For the month before epcot a bunch of ComBBAT members went to universal city walk every other weekend. Everynight before people left the park we stood over a crosswalk and said “Heyyyyyy” to them all. We then decided to do it as a group at Epcot so we were saying “hey” in force since thursday. We didn’t expect to see everyone saying it that much though. Well all in all it was good fun.

I thought it was a Fonzie-style “AYYYYYYYY”.

The first day back to school from Nats, about 8 people from our team found each other in the hallway and exchanged multiple "AYYYYYYY"s. Wearing our SPAM shirts, of course. I’m sure everyone thought we were dorks. :smiley:

ha! i knew it was “A”…hence my team’s response…

You guys are all wrong, I started that “Ehhhhh” epidemic when I was born. The doctor decided to slap me so I yelled “Ehhhh” and it was nothing but “Ehhhhh” and publicity from then on.

I just wanted to say: