The end of Doom & Quake?

I’m not sure if the title is actually accurate, but it might be when this does happen:

" Carmack to retire?
Posted by: Tiffany Smith at September 10, 2004 1:55:33 PM

If you haven’t heard already, rumors have been circulating that game programming guru John Carmack is going to retire after his current project.

Kansas born John Carmack who dropped out of university to become a freelance video game programmer has become the biggest name in game development history over his 10 years in the industry with his amazing game engines, mind boggling graphic algorithms and top notch titles including the Doom and the Quake series’.

Some publications are suggesting that Carmack’s passion for coding has faded and that he may be considering retirement after his current project, which is an engine for ID’s new franchise, potentially a horror/action FPS.

As a rocketing enthusiast and leader of Armadillo Aerospace, Carmack would certainly have plenty to do in his retirement especially since the birth of his first son Christopher in August.

The notion that Carmack is to retire is still speculation at this time but one thing is for certain, if John Carmack does throw in the towel … his presence in the industry will definatley be missed.

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What does everyone feel about this?

if i remember correctly he doesn;t spend that much time working on games anymore…he is full time on the xprize team you mentioned. i saw a documentary on him…quite an interesting guy

That’s pretty cool how a game programmer can change to a space engineer. I wish him well in his retirement.

I’m glad of what he did in the gaming industry :slight_smile:

DOOM & Quake were 2 of probably most successful shooters for the PC (& maybe console too).

I hope this isn’t his last year though, but I understand why he would. One is because he has a son now.

I second wishing him well on the retirement when it does come.

As “Mr. Doom” to the rest of the internet world, I for one will defiite be saddened if this happens. However…its not like his games will just disappear when he retires. He has left us with countless hours of entertainment. For some of us, he has opened up a new world of creativity in game level design (PM me if you’d like to check out my “Doom Hall” level for the original Doom). One thing is for sure though - the team he has worked with on these projects has been under the guidance of a genius and therefore, I have no doubt that ID will continue to produce games and engines that are second to none.


Carmack honestly isn’t much of an influence on the industry anymore. The Doom III engine simply isn’t as revolutionary as the older engines id has been putting out. The Source, Far Cry, and Unreal Warfare arguably all look at least as good, and in the case of Source better than D3.

It doesn’t look like he stands much of a chance of winning anything with the xprize though…

I disagree saying that he isn’t much of an influence anymore.

I’m not familiar with him, or his games really, but I do feel he does play a big role on the FPS’s we know and love today. I have played both DOOM & Quake (I know Quake isn’t an FPS, but hey…), and they are great. I also feel that this new engine will make all these games even better.

I do agree with him not winning anything for the xprize engine, but I don’t think he’s doing it just to get a piece of metal. This is just my opinion, so I’m probably wrong :smiley: