The end of week 3

It’s a few days until week 3 of our 6 week build season ends. How’s your team doing? Are you ahead? Behind? On time? Do you have your robot all designed and being built, or are you still deciding on what kind of robot to build? Anything you want to share? :wink:

There’s only 3 weeks left. Will you make it? :cool:

Due to a CAD error were a little behind…we should be back on route at the end of week 4 though…knocks on wood

We’re farther behind than we would like and farther behind than our collaboration teams. But I think we can still finish strong. Trying to perfect some CAD with only 2 people has been a struggle. Here’s a sneak peak though.

We are really behind. So essentially, our design has many flaws on multiple levels. I have low expectations this year. We do not even have a proper design yet; neither do we have a drive built. Really bad position we are in right now.

That’s the spir…wait…umm…

Be more optimistic, be more focused, and try to bring some positive energy to your team during these last few weeks.

:cool: I am a realist. The team has been ignoring my warnings. My hope is that we get something that moves to competition.

We’re behind, but hey, that’s the fun of build season right? Assembling that robot during that last caffeine powered weekend…

We have not started building the actual robot yet, due to machine problems and finals. We are expecting some parts in a few days and we will be working our butts off to catch up! :smiley:

We also have not started actually building. Our CAD team is small also, and so we are very behind, but I am confident we will be able to get at least everything up to a perfect shooter, in the bag.

We’re behind, but we’re all behind where we’d like to be starting on day 1.

If only we could have Week 6 urgency every week.

Found ourselves in a bit of a crisis earlier thesis week when our chassis was milled wrong due to some miscommunication. We no longer had access to manual mills to complete the long job but found a clever solution to our problem by rearranging some structural elements. A one person CAD team with continual input from members is a good way to keep motivated and possible (although having two people or more prevents miscommunication errors). All in all I think we are on time and the team continues to bond and endure with the resources we have.

256 is in the middle. We’re on good form for week 3, although we’ve been spending way too long on our drive train (chain :|), we will start constructing our shooter/ball elevator thingy either this Saturday or next Tuesday, depending in how much we get done Saturday (We’re gonna drive the robot! [We’ve said that 8 times, BTW…]) But we will drive for sure Saturday.

I may even post a video of us collecting balls. It won’t give too much information on our robot, but it’ll be interesting to see, at least.

Boy can I relate to the noncompetitiveness of a team…our team is usually good, and we’re going to get a decent 'bot out there at KC, but at the same time, I wish that the team would strive to compete up there alongside Bomb Squad and Team Titanium and Winnovation.
It made me really sad when I told someone on our team about something 1717 does, only to recieve back “Are we Team 1717? No, we’re 2410.” I know that we’re not d’Penguineers, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t emulate what an award winning team does. (The reference in question was how d’Penguineers tweak their practice bot, and fabricate their competition bot only when they’re absolutely sure about what works and what doesnt. -Reference from The New Cool- because our team rushed through prototyping and straight to metal fabrication. This arised because I asked our shooter team if they had tested everything and they said "No, but our metal shooter will be modular so we can continue testing.)

The Byting Bulldogs are doing pretty well considering it’s the first year on our own without an awesome veteran team (1718 Fighting Pi) helping us through! Our drivetrain is complete and exceding expectations, and lifter thingy CAD is done, machining will be done on that this weekend. Shooter thingy CAD almost done as well. Can’t wait to get practice bot done so we can focus on making stuff look pretty on comp. bot!!! Swiss cheese anyone?:smiley: Still a long way to go though, waiting for the yearly “wall” to hit us on something… *knock, knock.

According to a recent study, 63% of teams admit they are behind. The other 37% are lying.

I think we’re really far behind. As of yet, we haven’t even decided on a drive train. I feel like this is the farthest behind we’ve ever been. But I’ve got confidence that the extra time we’re spending on the design will pay off in the end and hopefully the actual building of the robot won’t take much time at all.

Still, though, I feel bad for our programmers. They’ve had nothing to write code for except a little test bed we put together early in the year.

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely sure our team has decided upon a drivetrain…I know the frame is designed for 4 wheel skid, wide based, but I’m still apprehensive about going over the barrier. We did make a barrier, but they have difficulty going over it with the skid plates they added, not to mention the air we get when they do hit it full speed…

I would not recommend going over the barrier at full speed, regardless of how successful it may seem. Do this enough and something might come loose or even break. The last thing you want is to jostle something on the cRio loose and not be able to use it for the duration of the match. Not to mention the time it would take to diagnose the problem.

FIRST 1296 is building a a mecanum driven robot that can pull balls in from all four sides, uses a rotating double-wheeled shooter, can lower the ramp and go over the bump (carefully). Everything is prototyped and we think it will work.

We are a few days behind - had to wait longer than normal for some fabricated parts from our sponsor. But the robot will be driving this weekend. The ball gatherer and feeder will get built early next week and the shooter the next week. So we are on target to get a full week of practice and tuning the performance of the robot.

Now if all the parts will come in on time…

I think we are generally on schedule. . . I say generally only. We are currently building the practice-bot frame, have our practice-bot shooter built, and are finishing up our flux-capacitor. The programmers are having a hard time finding out how to get the robot to 88 mph before the barrier though.

I say the same thing to my team, and get the same response. As the CADder, I try to integrate some their ideas into our design process, but I believe that the best team to emulate is 254. They always have an effective simple(r) design, that I believe should be all team’s way of thinking when they’re designing, unless they have the resources of teams like 1717.

We’re generally on shedule, but the real problem we’re dealing with is the availability of gearboxes and gearbox parts. We’ve had a drive base for several days now, but we’re headed for a spot between a rock and a hard place because we have no real way to use F-P or RS-550 motors at this point. We’re having to cannabalize old robots, not because we can’t afford new gearboxes but simply because nobody has what we need in stock.

I predict 2012 will be remembered as “the year of lots of motors and no gearboxes”.