The Exotic Materials List

I’m very confused here. According to rule K2, “If a part category does not list the part you wish to use, then it is not allowed.” Now this should include the Exotic Materials list too… However, this leaves the question: Is there anything else not explicitly included in the list that is considered “exotic”, and if so, where is the boundary? :confused:

Then I refer to the Part Use Flowchart, where it states indirectly that, if an item is not listed under the Exotic Materials list, and it is not otherwise prohibited, then it is allowed.

It seems to me that this section is handled differently from the rest of the restricted materials list, and that essentially, any material not explicitly listed as exotic is allowed, or else we are to assume that only those materials listed are considered exotic.

If you look at the restricted parts list there are 5 categories: “Electronics”, “Energy Sources”, “Exotic Materials”, “Pneumatics”, “Springs”, “Traction”.

Now, let’s take Steel as an example. It’s not an electronics component. It’s not an energy source. It’s not an exotic matierial. It’s not pneumatics. It’s not a spring. It’s not being used as a traction device. Therefore, you can use it.

I know, the Restrited Parts List is quite redundant. Many of the things it lists are already outlined in the rules section. Basically, if it falls under any of the categories, and it isn’t listed in that category, it can’t be used. If it doesn’t fall under any of the categories, then you can use/buy it. Just keep in mind that you have to stay under the $3500 robot cost.

If you look under rule K2, they give some examples that might help you understand it better.