The field

Has anyone seen a full field cad for to game in solidworks yet? I know PTC made one but wiht the version of Solidworks that we have, we can’t use there CADs. If anyone can give me a link to a download i would very happy


Do you know how to get an updated version of solidworks? As in 2011? Try that first since more companies update anyways and each version is relatively the same. If the course doesn’t work with your solidworks, then there won’t be a link that will. Basically if it’s written in a newer solidworks, the only backwards compatibility is to reduce it to a .step file (which requires a newer version of solidworks or any CAD, of which you don’t seem to have) then back to the old version. So you won’t be able to get it to your old version or convert it to your version without a newer version of solidworks, so it seems that is your only option. If it was a bought version, solidworks should let you upgrade (I think). If not, PM me.

Please email me directly and I will send you a STEP version of the field.

[email protected]