The Final Countdown. The last day.

So with kick off coming in roughly 28 hours (from the time this was posted) I was woundering what everyone was doing with their last day.

I’m spending my last day being obsessed with kickoff tomorrow, of course! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well I have school this morning until 2:30. Then I have robotics where we are cleaning up the room a bit for kickoff. After that I’m going to the mall and then I’m going to sleep. Pretty boring if you ask me but you know what’s not boring.


Uh, working at my job. We’re testing Catapults and wrapping up on Conservation of Momentum. Then I am am reviewing an Acid/Base Chemistry test and furthering the students understanding of Carbon and Polymers. Then I am chasing down a student that has not completed their STIMS registration so she can attend the kickoff in Wolcott and video-document the event.

I have sent out an email to the team to download the encrypted Game Manual on their laptops, so we have many copies available for our initial brainstorming sessions.
I am printing out paper copies for each group to calculate the highest score possible in a match, suggest designs to manipulate the game pieces, describe how a match may play out, and cogitate on effective endgame scenarios.

Then, my last good sleep for the next six weeks.

Tomorrow Never Knows

I’m just trying to get ahead on my school work now, so that I get less swamped during build season, but we all know that’s unavoidable.

I’ll be having a “night before kickoff” Skype call with a few friends and watching the Founders reception. Then I might try to get some sleep.

Bouncing off the walls regarding the start of build season. Myself and two of our other programmers will be evaluating new ones, and giving then their build season project.

1D 1H 26M 58S

I cant sleep.

Working, then a district committee meeting, then my poker club’s annual tournament of champions.

Feverishly working to create a program to hack the encryption password.
I think I’ll have it ready by Tuesday.

Playing a song on my ocarina to go back to Wednesday.

I’ve been up all night looking at matches and robot reveals of past competitions and stalking CD like a madman expecting something new and interesting to pop up at 4 in the morning. It’s now 6:40 AM at the time of this writing, and I have a 40 minute commute to UC Davis for a 9 AM Real Analysis class.

I think i’m gonna take a nap…

School until 2:30, then all weekend homework (which is going to take all night) :smiley: so that I can do 48 hours of robotics starting tomorrow :smiley:

To do list for tomorrow:

  • buy new toner for printer
  • printer
  • extra paper
  • usb cables
  • laptop charger
  • projector (grab from storage unit)

There is no official kickoff event in Ottawa but we will be attending an unofficial event put on by the FIRST alumni group at Carleton University. We’ll watch the webcast and begin brainstorming our strategy.

Working, printing the roster from TIMS, FTC meeting, SeaPerch meeting, and then “sleeping”. Tomorrow 2656 will attend the Kickoff event in Pittsburgh hosted by 2051. Afterward we’ll read the rules, discuss strategy and then head home. I’ll be checking out the Steelers/Bengals game at 8:00 and then preparing for Sunday’s brainstorming session with 4150!

Fixed that for you.

My schedule for the day:

  • Work 'til 4:30pm.
  • Mechanical Team Mentor Meeting @ 5:30pm.
  • Robot Driver practice sessions from 6-9pm.
  • Shower ‘n’ sleep. Long day tomorrow.

Just too busy to worry about the game until tomorrow.

I have midterms next week, so sadly I’ll be studying.

I’m back at college so…I guess I’ll go to the dining hall and then play some Racketball?

Getting ready for the game I see