The Final Countdown. The last day.

Well, my day consists of:


Finishing setup in the GOFIRST shop for Ri3D.

Putting out the inevitable last minute fires that will emerge on my team…

Probably having a nice meal with my family.

Not necessarilly in that order.

I have mid terms in two weeks but… robotics kickoff > midterms :smiley:

This is never, ever true. Always prioritize school over robotics. Your success in robotics is marginal in comparison to your success in school when college and work comes around.

Anyway, I’m just wrapped up in scheduling my second semester courses as some hiccups with diff eq caused me to shift my schedule around. Just chillin’ otherwise.

Kickoff Eve is my favorite holiday. :slight_smile: When will this be declared a national holiday so we don’t have to go to school/work?

Kickoff is already a holiday. I’ve never had to go to school or work on that day.

Doing my day job, while simultaneously monitoring CD. (That’s the story I’m telling my boss, anyway.)

Did someone say Final Countdown ?

I wish I could stick around for build season, but I’m going to school which will make it virtually impossible to help a team… And my parents don’t like the whole “quit college and just build robots for 2 months out of the year” gig I’ve been telling them.

You better be cheering for the Steelers :smiley:

But really, tomorrow will be awesome. Kickoff AND Steelers game in one day!

Woke up Friday morning. Now currently been driving since 2am to get back to NJ to hopefully make it in by 9am kickoff. Gonna have to force the staying awake part a little more this year…

Also woke up Friday. Most happy that the Team Intellectual Property Dump is over.

It was very clever of all the teams to wait for the last 48 hours to put links or docs on CD. With the tidal wave there was no way to look at all of them. With Kickoff in 3 hours, there won’t be time after today to look at them. So they all have been very clever hiding great ideas in plain sight.


Does anyone know where the link to the livestream is? I can’t find it for some reason.