the first position of the keeper on the robot

can the keeper stick out of the robot in the beginning posotion? or he must be in the robot’s limits?

<G04> KEEPER locations - Each ROBOT starts the match in POSSESSION of a KEEPER. The KEEPER does NOT need to be contained within the ROBOT’S starting volume, however it must be in contact with the ROBOT and be entirely within the HOME ZONE. The head referee will require that KEEPERS that do not meet these criteria be removed from the game. It is the responsibility of the head referee to verify that this rule is satisfied prior to the start of the match.

the keeper does not have to be within the robot’s starting footprint.

I have two questions about the starting position…

  1. If the keeper does not have to be within the robot footprint at the start of the match, does the robot’s jaws, or whatever is holding the keeper, must still remain inside the footprint (38" x 28" x H) of the robot?

  2. Can we use joystick control to open and close the jaw to load the keeper before starting the match in autonoous mode?


about the 2nd question: you are not allowed to use the joystick control in order ot open or close the jaws, you must do it by hand.

and about the first question… i was wondering the same thing.

  1. Yes, all parts of your robot must be with-in the starting configuration when the match starts.

  2. In the past we have been given the game pieces when we were “on deck” so theoretically you could tether up and load the keeper into your robot. That being said, I would strongly encourage you to not count on that. If at all possible, you should make your design so that you can load it un-powered.

All parts of the ROBOT must stay within the 38 x 28 x X footprint until the start of the match. Game pieces may extend beyond those boundaries, but the ROBOT may not (at least until it starts to move at the beginning of autonomous period). Check out 8.3.2, specifically <R12>.

Yes, we wondered about this too, And the clarification was that your robot must stay within its starting box and the keeper must be touching the robot in some way at the begining of the match.