The FIRST related object game

The only rule is that you have to answer the question “How many FIRST related things do I have in my room?”


  • Game pieces count
  • Eash pair of safety glasses counts, but goggles (like for chemistry) don’t
  • A laptop does NOT count, unless it’s the classmate
  • If you use an external hard drive for robot code, it counts
  • Count the number of robots seperately
  • Programming books don’t count, but binders about FIRST-specific code do
  • Medals count
  • Yearbooks count
  • Pins from other teams count as one collection TOTAL
  • Software doesn’t count, unless you’re counting the CD. If it’s only installed on your computer, it doesn’t count.

My number: a measley 10.

EDIT: Added rule about software.

If software counts: 15
If not: 13

If software counts: 18
If not: 16

After one year! :eek:

Just to post to this thread…
6 items :eek:
If software on your laptop counts, 11

(note: I’m not in FRC, just FLL and VRC)

Uh. How do I count the orbit balls that I’ve taken apart to make into accessories? (I have a belt, two bracelets, one small bag, and one bag-in-the-making, and all of that comes from two orbit balls)

I’ll be the cool one to list out what I’ve got, because I have a lot of stuff that I’m not sure if I should count or not.

  • 1 Trackball bladder (2008)
  • 1 Empty Cell (2009)
  • 1 Super Cell (2009)
  • 1 Printout of a 2010 target
  • 4 medals
  • 5 pairs of safety glasses
  • 1 non-FRC-edition LabVIEW CD
  • 1 KeyCreator CD (CAD)
  • 3 game manuals
  • Button collection (I’m counting temporary tattoos with these)
  • 3 school yearbooks (is that what you mean by “yearbooks”?)

Do team t-shirts count? I have 6 different team shirts, 1 non-competition-but-still-team-related shirt, 2 Kettering Kickoff shirts, and 1 IRI volunteer shirt. I also have a 1 of 573’s drawstring backpacks, a pair of 33 antennae, 4 bandannas (2 of my team’s, one Autodesk one, and one that I got from another team that is gray camo), and 1 of 910’s hats. There are also a lot of broken parts floating around my room…a Victor, limit switch, coupler, potentiometer, surgical tubing, 2008 bot frame rail, 2010 bot side (sheet metal)…

So…I can sum this up by saying that I have way too much stuff. 22 things for sure.

That would count as 2-because they were 2 orbit balls.
I meant “yearbooks put out by your team”, if your team does that.
T-shirts…oops, forgot those. Yeah, include those.

I have quite a bit of stuff, but I’ll start with easiest stuff first.

  • 1 1024 “Kill-A-Bytes” t-shirt
  • 1 1528 “iPirates” t-shirt
  • 1 2337 “EngiNERDs” team polo shirt
  • 1 2337 “EngiNERDs” Thursday shirt (red)
  • 6 2337 “EngiNERDs” Friday shirts (black, mostly for trading)
  • 1 3rd RUSH Regatta t-shirt (team 27 event)
  • 1 little 2337 Breakaway robot stand/trophy
  • 1 2010 Ann Arbor Champions FRC medal
  • 1 LabVIEW instructional book (it’s non-FRC, but I use it for FRC only so maybe it counts)
  • 1 “SuperNERD” award (team 2337 award from our end-of-the-year banquet)
  • 3 pictures of our Breakaway robot or me or the team
  • 1 big placemat with my name on it, a bunch of pictures, and our logo
  • A piece of paper demonstrating holonomic drivetrains from Andrew Schreiber pinned to my wall
  • My FIRST hat from Atlanta with four driver’s buttons on it from various teams
  • My 1114 drawstring bag, also from Atlanta
  • My SuperNERD cape
  • 1 Collection of team buttons (working on a vest for them all!)
  • 1 GM bandanna from Atlanta
  • 2 team bandannas
  • 3 safety glasses from the team

So, that’s 30 items… WOW. What a reality check.

  • 1 shoebox stuffed with team giveaways (many years)
  • 3 volunteer shirts (2006, 2009, 2010)
  • 16 medals (2002-2008, with some years having multiple)
  • 1 Epcot lanyard (2000)
  • 2 volunteer badges (2009, 2010)
  • 1 Epcot shirt from the 2000 Nationals
  • 3 shirts from other teams (1538, 60, and a 60-related)
  • Team shirts from 2000, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 (2), 2008 (2) for a total of 10
  • 3 certificates for various events (2 FLL, 1 FRC offseason)
  • 1 Safety Star pen +2 photos from same (2007)
  • 1 pair of safety glasses
    *]1 pair of sunglasses (back in 2003, 330 wore them when not in the pits)
    Total: 43 (45 if the photos are counted separately)

I keep my safety glasses in my car because I never brought them when I kept them in my room.

  • 3 buttons from my team
  • 1 PIT CREW Button
  • 1 UL Safety Pin
  • 1 Regional Champion Medal
  • 2 Regional Finalist Medals
  • 1 Regional Inspiration Medal
  • 2 Krunch Shirts
  • 3 2008 Krunch shirts
  • 3 2009 Krunch shirts
  • 1 2010 Krunch Jersey
  • 1 2010 CD Webhug Shirt
  • 3 Krunch Hoodies
  • 1 2008 TNT Volunteer T-Shirt
  • 1 2009 TNT T-Shirt
  • 1 Solidworks install CD

25 items in total.

Then from my list before, I have 36 items (since the yearbooks don’t count). I looked around yesterday, and I also found:

  • 1 whitepaper written by a mentor (Mark Kramarczyk)
  • 1 huge stack of team brochures
  • 2 team “paper plate award” certificates
  • 2 additional orbit balls (the ones cut up for jewelery)
  • 1 pair of Converse (the ones that Jane and I did, which I almost forgot about! Those are totally FIRST-related)
  • 2 UL safety pins
  • 1 safety captain badge
  • 1 Dean’s List pin
  • 1 Sheared axle from 2008
  • 1 team shirt that I forgot to list earlier, because it’s in the wash
  • 4 newspaper clippings about our team (I’ll count those as one)
  • 2 lanyards (201 and 217)
  • 1 team pit crew badge from 2009
  • 1 intake roller from 2009

I also have some team-related jewelery (we got “gear necklaces” as rewards for various things last year, so I have two of those, plus a tetris piece which was given to me by a mentor for “being awesome”, and some hair clips that have gear-shaped metal glued onto them), but that probably doesn’t count…

I’ll stop being OCD about everything that I have now. I didn’t even include all of the pictures that I have on my wall, or the measuring tape and file that I need to return to the team, or the giveaways-that-aren’t-buttons-or-lanyards-that-are-taking-up-space, or the shoes that I bought because they were black and yellow/ThunderChicken green, or the cordurra from the 2009 trailer bumpers.

So unless I forgot something really obvious and important, I believe that my total is 54 (57 if you count the newspaper clippings separately).

I think there’s something seriously wrong with me.

Award type stuff:
FTC Winning Alliance trophy
VRC Event Finalist trophy (soon going with Shaker’s stuff)
RCA medal (2009 style)
Regional Winner medal (2009 style)
FTC Winning Alliance medal
FVC Participant medal
FRC Participant medal (soon to be vintage)
“Gracious Professionalism” Pin
Safety Runner Up Pin
FTC Quad Quandary World Championship Pin
FTC Quad Quandary Pin
1714 Coach Button (Championship)

2 Conserve Steelers shirts (got them in the “free stuff” pile at their last graduation, they didn’t have them when I was on the team)
1 FTC 63 The Rebels Shirt
1 FRC 1714 full uniform (mechanic shirt / jeans)
2 FRC 1714 t-shirts
4 FRC 2791 “blue” t-shirts (1 custom “Chris is me”, 2 I still need to trade)
1 FRC 2791 “white” t-shirt
1 FRC 2791 hoodie
1 FRC 2079 shirt
1 FRC 217 shirt (2004? not sure)
1 FRC 1124 shirt (want it? i need to get rid of it)
1 Wings of Fire Webhug shirt
1 Lunacy volunteer shirt
1 FLL Volunteer shirt
1 GenerationSTEM shirt (received at a demo)

Merch / Giveaways
1 Mentor / Coach certificate and pin (i really don’t think at 17 i should get this)
1 FRC 1503 drawstring (fun fact: identical to 1114’s bag but a different number)
1 Solidworks CD (best giveaway ever!)
Assorted pins (20, 2079, 571 and a few others)
1 Vex CORTEX + VexNet system (i love the webhug)
1 Vex robot (not using vexnet parts right now so it’s separate)

1 four bar linkage hanger prototype (don’t ask)
1 soildworks for dummies
1 picture frame from senior year on 1714 (gift)

Overall, 40 things. So, I “win”. And by “win” I mean “I need a life”.

1 non-year specific t-shirt
1 2009 shirts
3 2010 shirts
1 button collection
2 medals
1 allen key set
1 orbit ball
1 soccer ball
1 trident
1 pie of nuts and bolts
6 pairs of safety glasses
1 lanyard (from 2500)
1 scrap piece of 80/20 (on key chain)
1 bae systems flash drive
2 drive team buttons
1 safety captain button
1 foam badger hat
1 inventor cd

I could list more, but I can’t remember them all.

2 pairs of safety glasses
1 binder of ‘FIRST specific code’
4 medals
3 yearbooks
1 collection of pins from mine and other teams
1 field team button
1 Dean’s List Semi-Finalist pin
4 Team awards for me
6 Articles of my team clothing overall
1 FIRST Safety shirt
1 FIRST Safety Manual
1 Copy of our Chairman’s Award Submission for 2010
1 Team 3173 Fedora Hat (2010)
1 Team 71 Checkered Race Flag (2008)

I think that’s about it. I hope all of these count.
My total is: 28. I should work on that.