The FIRST Robotics Generation Show in Milwaukee

HI My name is Jerome Kenealy Im a stundet at Milwaukee Area Tech College. Im going for TV and Video Perduction. For my class we have to create a hafe and hour show that will air on WMVS(channel 36) and I can up with the “The FIRST Robotics Generation”. Let me tell you a little about Student Operations. The theme for Student Operations this year is Milwaukee Made. Student Operations is where 2nd year students take over Channel 36 for the whole day and proved content for that day. The one thing that has been close to me for a while and truly passionate about is FIRST Robotics. I thought this was a great oppurtunity to show my fellow classmates what my pastion is. Below is a Facebook link to the page to my show called The FIRST Robotics Generation.!/pages/The-First-Robotics-Generation/121478071264918 . We will be going live from channel 36 at 7:00. If you cant get Channel 36.1 you can see it online.
. We will be going live from channel 36 at 7:00. I got to shoot at the Wisonson Regional.

Couple of points about this most desirable effort:

  1. FIRST will not look kindly on your modification of their logo. See the media usage spot at for advice on how to handle those figures.

  2. You need to get some help proof-reading your copy. It’s not as important here on CD as it is in the rest of the world, like TV or your English exams. It will reflect poorly on your overall message for those who know the difference. It is even possible to say something entirely different from that which you intended by selecting correctly spelled homophones for some words.

Overall, it’s a great idea. We’ll all be looking for reports of its progress and reception.