The flag

We were going to attach our flag mount today when we realized that they want us to mount it rediculously high. The flag itself is 75 in up, while the overpass is about 72 inches ><. Are we reading this wrong or is this just insanely high and we have to deal with it?

I think you are reading the height of the overpass wrong. Also see this thread.

I did say “about” =P. Either way thanks, its still rediculously high in my opinion =.

They realized that robots would be going up. So they wanted the flag as high as possible so that it would have a better chance of being seen.

The funny part is that a flag at the proper height will contact the underside of a ball on top of the overpass. I think there could be a few flags broken off during hybrid mode…or maybe everyone will have a built in “ball poker” device!


OH! I never thought of that… If either one of those things happen I’ll be the one Rolling on the floor laughing

I believe the height requirement comes from the fact that there’s a scoring aid attached to the flag itself and detected when you pass under the Overpass. Keeping the scoring aids at a known height means they’ll be reliably detected and you’ll get credit for completing a lap. Don’t forget that you’ve got to run a PWM cable up to the flag holder to provide power for this device.


I have a kind of irrelevant question regarding the flag…
how thick is the flag pole itself? cause the people on my team that mounted the flag pole used some really thick bolts and there doesn’t appear to be enough room for the flag, but we’re not entirely sure… :confused:
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this…
-Team 1247 thanks you

According to The Manual, Section 8.2:

FLAG – A colored (red or blue) bicycle flag used to display ALLIANCE assignments during a MATCH. The flag itself is made of a triangular piece of colored plastic or fabric, measuring approximately 9 inches tall by 11 inches long. The flag is mounted at the end of a 1/4 inch diameter fiberglass flagpole, approximately 36 inches long. The flagpole will run through a rubber stopper, which will be sized to fit in the top of the flag holder (as specified in Rule <R17>). The purpose of the stopper is to help prevent the FLAG from becoming dislodged from the flag holder during the MATCH.
(emphasis mine)