The FRC Challenge Encyclopedia 2.0

Last year I made an “encyclopedia” of all the elements of past FRC games to help find design references. I made it because I noticed a lot of knowledge on past games, even fairly recent ones, had been lost after COVID so many students didnt know where to look for ideas. I saw this again this build season when veteran students and mentors looked at Power Up for ideas (because cubes) whereas newer students didn’t even think to look at a past challenge because they didn’t know there has been cubes before.

That first version of the encyclopedia had MANY flaws, so now im introducing the new and improved FRC Challenge Encylopedia 2.0!

Broswer link: AppSheet

Mobile shortcut link: FRC Challenge Encyclopedia 2.0

If you notice any inconsistent, incorrect, or outdated information let me know!


I can’t help but notice the specific icon chosen for the Endgame Climb page.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 9.29.03 AM

I too hope that we will someday see the full might of a water game.


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