The FRC Song!

Hi everyone!

Recently, I made a song, just for the heck of it. I’m not a good singer and I’m only okay at guitar, but what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm :wink:

At any rate, the song captures the feelings that I’ve experienced in FIRST so far, from panic to joy and everywhere in between. I’m sure that seasoned veterans of FIRST can relate.

Here’s the song. Let me know what you think, sing along if you want, and enjoy!


Um… like you said about the robots, it could use some tweaks. I suggest speeding up and making it a little more high energy, like FIRST is. If you repost it to CD, I’ll take another look.

But good job! ::safety::

Heh. I was considering making it higher-energy, but I decided to choose a lower-tempo song, precisely because FIRST songs are normally so high-energy and fast-paced. This song is a way of stepping back from the panic and pandemonium of the build season, and looking at the competition as a whole.

Given, the song may not correctly reflect the “feel” of FIRST, but it’s not entirely supposed to. It’s just supposed to be my take on the competition. Different people are free to have different opinions.

Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile: