The FRC Teams of 2012 (Google Maps)

**FRC Teams: **
**FTC Teams: **

(Unfortunately Google Maps doesn’t support overlapping points very well, so you can only see one team from each city)

The raw KML Files:

cool stuff

Neat. I don’t see 696, but I wonder if the dot is in the same place as 589.

Yeah, there wasn’t much I could do about locations that have multiple teams associated with them.

I don’t see 3528 on the map either. (Kansas City)


I have been dying for a resource like this. I think it’s shameful that there isn’t a map like this on the USFirst website for FRC, FTC and FLL teams. I’ve been trying to get my nieces and nephew exposed to FIRST, and having a terrible time figuring out what teams might be closest to them. Thanks so much for putting this together.

Great work, John!

Would you mind sharing the data set/KML you used for this? I’ve been wanting to create a similar demo using Cesium.

This is pretty cool to look at. Thanks for making this!

Was this generated manually or is it database driven?

If the latter, I assume the code is currently displaying the markers on the geographical center of the town/city/area. When displaying the data, have the code check if any other teams are from that same city; if so, add a small offset (a few hundred meters) to the display coordinates.

You could also create a geometric function on where to offset the team markers based upon the number of teams that need to be offset, almost like where the dots are on a pair of dice. If pursuing this option, be sure to leave the function open ended (have it automatically continue creating points), as there are some huge cities (both in population and geographic area) that have a large number of teams.

This is pretty cool! Did you just take a list of current teams and plot them out one by one? I feel like this would take a few weeks at least

Have you checked out this page?

Shows all FIRST programs and events, so if they’re not at the high school age yet you can still track down some FLL teams.

I suppose it would be a fair bit more work to track down addresses wouldn’t it?:rolleyes:
That’s unfortunate though… Hides a good 25 teams between Toronto and Mississauga in Ontario. Really cool visualization of the spread of the teams around the world though!

Sadface. We’re not listed either. (Overland Park, KS)

Sure thing.

I parsed this into a CSV (Needed city, state, and country to be in the same column) and then imported it into a Google Fusion table.

Google recognizes the last column as geographical data and allows you to visualize it that way.

That is correct. Google Earth has the ability to expand overlapping points if you click on them, but unfortunately Google Maps does not. There is a custom Javascript plugin for it that would do the job, but that would require me to have my own hosting option.

Are there really no teams in South Dakota?

Also most of the Austin area teams are missing

They’re just overlapping unfortunately.

It’s interesting to see where the teams cluster. The Pacific Northwest has a lot more teams than anyone gives us credit for! And it is unfortunate that it only shows one team per city. Still super cool.

I’m no expert on Google Fusion Tables… how much different is mapping it in Google Earth?

Sounds like a community challenge to track down locations of all FRC teams in a collaborative google doc! :cool:

This sounds a lot like WITWIF.

You could simply open the kml file with Google Earth.

Thanks! This will help me find a team near my university!