The FRC Weight Loss Plan?

Alright, I know we talk a lot about our pizza and Dew addictions, but this is odd.

At Kickoff this year, I was on the last hole in my belt. Today, on ship day, I’m comfortably in the next-to-last hole. No real change in diet on campus, and I haven’t set foot in the campus fitness center since freshman year.

Is this a common thing, [strike]or am I just odd[/strike] (wait, don’t answer that)?

I was just the opposite with myself.

Unless my scale at home is horribly wrong, weighing myself on our official shipping scale made me come in at a whole 10 lbs more than week 5!!!
Stress makes you gain weight right? Maybe that’s it. :ahh:

So… with this upcoming week pretty stress free since the 'bot is packed up, I think the reverse is true and I’ll go back down again?? Right? lol

If not, then time for some activities this weekend to get back into shape and lose that Week 6 acquired 10lbs of dead weight!

I grew since I partially stopped robotics last year. My diet is actually better than ever.

I’ve definately lost at least 8 pounds and need new pants…I think it’s a side effect of the foregoing food to work on the robot…but hey, it got built!

It can be sneaky. Your diet might have changed a bit in reality - for example, during build season who really sits and snacks or munches, normally stuff like that goes unnoticed - and then you have to factor in the additional energy you expend. I can;t speak for you, but a typical night of studying (25 years ago!) consisted of a lit of sitting. Building robots requires a lot of standing and walking - and that consumes some calories.

Add the activity, subtract the extraneous food, and you have a few pounds over 6 weeks gone. It’s a good thing.

Me, I gained 2 pounds, because I just couldn’t fit the company fitness center in more than twice a week. Dunno about you, but I hope to keep my heart healthy so I’m here for a real long time. Being overweight, male, prone to high cholesterol, and with a family histry of heart disease doesn’t bode well for a sedentary lifestyle. Not for me, at least.


Lost 16 lbs by end of week 2 and put 5 back on since then.

since I stopped exercising last fall, put on a good 20 lbs. Not too worried though, once reffing and soccer starts (and biking, of course), i’ll probably drop it, no sweat. Its funny, my waist has pretty much stayed the same…

I think I lost 20 but my scale says I lost nothing. However, everytime I shower, I find little bits of aluminum on the floor of the tub.

this scrawny white boy is trying to GAIN weight. and -lemme tell you- build season didn’t help!

so, yes, there could be a future in an FRC dieting program.

Last year, I lost 30… and put some of it back on during the off season.

This year, I probably lost 10.

I attribute it to lack of time to sleep and eat.

Andy B.

Bunches of pizza at meetings => ~5 lb. gain :frowning:

Not horrible, really, now that the season’s over, I don’t have to eat all of that pizza. :wink:

I think it would help to say what you did and how often you came, since people on mechanical are likely to get more exercise than, say, software.

Software / Web
Almost every day
Gained 5-10 lbs.