The Future of FIRST: BaneBots?

We didnt use the banebots gearbox on our actual robot but did use them on a practice chassis… they seem to be a good solid transmission.


They offered transmissions long before 2005. Ever hear of drill motors and the drill motor transmissions?

Something I don’t think anybody has mentioned is that Banebots probally sees FIRST as a HUGE market. Which means they will try to make a better transmission. They have a chance to sell atleast 2000 units right off the bat for the KOPs. Then teams buy more for spares, etc.


I’d say a better goal would be to test these transmissions to survive at least the equivalent of 200 FRC matches*, as in BattleBots you just have to survive longer than your opponent. :slight_smile:

If they are still surviving at that time without needing excessive maintenance, then I’d include them in the 2008 KoP with higher quality components stock, if this was still the cheapest option. But at $98, the AM single speed trannies look like a very attractive competitor. (Especially since you’d no longer need to purchase the 2x CIM adapter plates!) :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Rounding up to a theoretical maximum number of matches on the playing field:
    20 matches per competition (practice, qualifying, and elimination) x 8 competitions (2 Regionals, Championships, 5 Off-season Events) is 160 matches. Add in practice time (which a few hours of practice time can equal quite a few FRC matches), and 200 sounds reasonable.

I agree… combat robot components aren’t always going to work for FIRST because they aren’t made “built to last” timeframe as long as a FIRST robot.

I personally build combat robots. Although it may seem like the robots are smashed together and you hope the parts don’t break, generally we try to engineer them so they don’t break and last more than a whole competition (6ish fights if you go all the way). An article in this months SERVO actually talks about the engineering aspect of building the robots not to break.

I know if I put any part on my robots; gearboxes, electronics, anything I expect for what I paid for, I should get more than one competition out of them. Generally I like to get 4-5 competitions before I start replacing parts, although I have has some of my parts for 3 years now that still work.

Unfortunately I don’t think the 56mm gearboxes will get tested in combat robots, due to the fact that motors such as Magmotors as included in will always out push these (based on my experience, not any real math behind that), but I’m thinking of incorporating these into my next combat robot to test the durability of these gearboxes.

The magmotors that I have seen are significantly more powerful (and expensive) than a small CIM.

Our robot lasted over 35 matches + practice & tweak times with 2 small CIMs and the BB 56mm transmissions. I wasn’t involved much with the drivetrain this year, but I do believe we made the plate modifications, and we also mounted the BB encoders directly on the shafts as well. Overall, the chassis + drivetrain came in at 32lbs – not bad for a 2nd year team with limited manufacturing capability IMO. The only thing that broke on the drivetrain were 3 set screws that directly matched a gear to a wheel, which were easily replaced in Atlanta.

If they’re tweaked, modified, and overall better, then I hope they’re back. However, if we have to purchase/modify after the fact then I think we’re better off making/purchasing our own transmissions (which alot of teams do anyways). I personally wish FIRST would create two different KoP’s – one that is slimmed down without the things that veteran teams make/have anyways, and then another (more expensive) kit that contains more parts (such as these transmissions) that rookie/less capable teams can get started with.

Of course, the veteran teams seem to use their excess parts to get rookie teams in their area started anyways (or get the community involved in FIRST), so I suppose it works out.