The G9 definition of travelling

Say there are 2 robots on the blue alliance, A and B. If A picks up a ball in the blue sector, and propels it Into the center of the field, where B proceeds to push it through the trench and into the red sector, the ball would never have stopped traveling per the definition of traveling in G9.

Does this mean that the blue alliance would receive a tech foul?

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No, Robot A which was contained in the red sector caused it to travel out of the sector and then robot B caused it to travel into the blue sector. Therefore there is no foul since B was not in the red sector

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But the ball never stopped traveling. G9 does not say that a ball has stopped traveling if another robot on the alliance touches it, only a robot from the opposing alliance.


Sounds like a good Q and A for clarification, otherwise its sort of up to interpretation per event until guidance or rule change comes.


If they push it through robot B is the one “causing” it to travel. If B just tapped it on its way through then it would b illegal but your description of it “pushing” it through the trench implies that it is the one “causing” it to enter the blue sector

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G6 talks about CONTROL of the Power Cell. It seems reasonable that the same interpretation of CONTROL can be applied here.

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What if I wanted to pass balls from one side of the field to the other. I’d launch a ball to one side and then another bot would pick it up and score (theoretically). Does that still count as CONTROL as G6 specifies? IT’s a bit ambiguous in my opinion

Maybe? Though, if the ball were to “bounce across the floor” per G9 the robot would not have control of the ball per G6, so G6 may not apply.

But, it just specifies direction of the ball, right?


Oh wait, never mind. My bad lol

In your hypothetical situation, does it meet any of the conditions A, B or C from G6?

Please note that I wrote “It seems reasonable that the same interpretation of CONTROL can be applied here.”, not that all of G6 applied to this situation.

Robot B would have CONTROL, but my point was more that G9’s definition of travelling doesn’t currently seem to have any consideration for CONTROL.

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Q&A tbh

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No it doesn’t. That is why I wrote “It seems reasonable…” @orangeandblack5 is correct that the Q&A needs to clarify this. It would be really weird if they consider that the first robot was still causing something to happen after a second robot takes control of the game piece.


Something I haven’t seen considered (or maybe I’m blind to this thread or the rules) is shooting the power cells at opponent robots. Also, just shoot it at an obstacle so it doesn’t go sector to sector.

Legal, mostly.

Shooting them at opponent robots may be seen as misusing them to “amplify the game challenge” per G8.

Also you’re feeding the opponent free balls :man_shrugging:


The rules don’t specifically condemn it but the impact isn’t going to mess up the robot like another robot hitting it would, all it would serve to do is maybe damage their internals which is clearly stated at multiple points is a big no-no. At the very least I would consult the head ref before qualifications to confirm their stance.