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Team 1250’s website.

Very nice use of an iFrame there. Your website is off to a great start. It is more professional to use text-decoration: underline, bold (etc); rather then background-colours.

You do have some HTML problems that should be fixed ASAP. For one, ALL images need to have an alt= value, even if it’s just alt=""

Take a look at’s HTML validator for your page

Also take a look at Your CSS errors, older browsers are very picky about CSS.

Thank you for the crucial information. How would I incorporate the scrollbar change into the site without my CSS method?

I am honestly not too sure, but I know CSS is the only way to do the change (maybe your syntax is incorrect?) Try using an online generator and paste that. Again, I am not 100% competent in CSS.

I believe that the validator is complaining because BODY is capitilized, when it should be in lower caps.

I’m not sure scrollbar CSS values are actually in the W3C version of CSS, it seems to only work in IE as far as I know - maybe MS made it up? :smiley: