The Gearless Gearbox

You should mount 1 of these to each side of a rectangular frame milled from a solid block of 7071 aluminium on your sponsor’s 5-axis mill.

8/10. Wheels are not decagons.

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I regret having @EAGLIN teach the team how to render in Fusion360…


R END eRI N G I s a v e r y i mp o Rt an T sk i l L d On ’ t S U p p r E Ss M y edu mu KA yS h u N


The rubber friction drive has high losses because the energy used to compress the rubber never gets returned to the system. Drives like this that use very hard steels pressed together with high contact pressures do exist. The NuVinci bicycle hub is one. Napier in England used a similar scheme to connect a diesel engine to an exhaust power recovery turbine and a supercharger in an early attempt to develop a turboprop that had good fuel efficiency. The NuVinci hub uses special oil that is slippery at low pressure and sticky at high pressure.


Napier Nomad?

We did it.



yep. ran it in 2019. never had problems once.


Yes, the Napier Nomad.

Now I want to see a chain-driven version.

At this point why even have a wheel? Just use the falcon body with slip rings!

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If you use a Neo, you wouldn’t even need slip rings just tread. Free speed of around 60 ft/s; better use decahedral tread.

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Genius! found out 2020 drive train :joy:

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats so funny lmaooo